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Our philosophy on website hosting is simple: keep the pricing reasonable for the services that are offered.

The pricing for our website hosting has not changed in the past 20 years. The cost of living has gone up 43% during that time period, but our hosting fees have remained stabile.

We utilize one of the largest hosting services in the world for our clients, with automated back-ups and redundant servers and other services to provide near constant uptime.

While we will not discuss specific security measures surrounding equipment and software, let it be known that the facility employs a number of security measures, electronic and physical, to keep your websites safe.

Did you know that by increasing your password strength you can dramatically decrease the chances of having your password hacked? An 8 character password that just uses letters can get defeated by the average PC in 11 seconds. Change that to 10 characters and it'll take 8 hours. Add in some numbers and it increases to 2 days. Add in special characters (* & $ # etc) and it increases to 101 days!

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