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Teeple Enterprises, LLC, is a Myrtle Beach, SC area-based website services firm, offering design, hosting and search engine optimization services to entities located throughout the United States.

As one of the most experienced website firms in the nation with 25 years experience in website services, Teeple Enterprises, LLC is one of the few, true online pioneers in this field.

Since the 1980's, the staff at Teeple Enterprises, LLC has been immersed in computer and design technology, ranging from sales of state of the art electronic publishing systems to some of the nation's largest companies, to trailblazing sophisticated search engine optimization techniques.

Our philosophy is give clients what they want, when they want it, at a reasonable price. This has served us well over the years, and more importantly, served our clients well.

How many companies have the versatility, breadth of knowledge and high skill set levels to be able to service companies ranging in size from Hershey Chocolate and Rite Aid Corporation to small, mom-and-pop operations and fledgling non-profit organizations at fair pricing to all?

We speak html, php, mysql, javascript, xml, ajax, jquery, codeigniter, css, java, flash action script, objective-c, c and c++...but most of all, we speak English and not techno-babble to our clients. Code isn't nearly as important as the people behind it.

About Teeple Enterprises, LLC